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Carol Landrum


From the time I learned to read and write I wanted to be a teacher. At twenty I began teaching seventh grade and for eleven years I cared for my students. Then deeply buried emotions were triggered by my mother’s passing and they wouldn’t go away. That was my wakeup call to learn how to heal myself. I took a year off and studied Reflexology, nutrition and vegetarian cooking. I changed my diet and my food allergies disappeared. I lost weight and had more energy, and as I began to share what I was learning a new career was born.

I moved to San Diego, did an M.A. in Body Therapy and became a Holistic Health Practitioner. But that was just the beginning. When a friend handed me a brochure for a workshop with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, I intuitively knew I had to go. She showed us a way to release our emotions safely and appropriately and that changed my life. I started feeling my anger, sadness and fear—emotions I’d repressed my whole life—and I discovered that this was what I came here to teach. In 1984 I did Elisabeth’s Facilitator Training and since then I’ve been taking care of my emotions and teaching all my clients how to take care of theirs.

Doors kept magically opening after that, leading me further down my healing path. I trusted my intuition and whenever fear came up I felt it. This allowed me to continue moving forward, and over the years I’ve learned some powerful modalities. I’m certified in Emotional Release Work, Quantum-Touch, Aura-Soma, Interactive Guided Imagery and Hatha Yoga. Then in 1996 we opened our home and called it Seva Deva Healing Center. Since that time many special people have stayed with us for a retreat.

I’m grateful I chose to heal my body and emotions. It took patience, commitment and the desire to be free, but because of that I’ve created everything I always wanted in my life. I’m blessed to have a loving husband that I cherish and adore, rewarding work that nourishes my soul, and a beautiful home to welcome people who want guidance and support. 

The teacher in me is still very much alive and well. Now my passion is teaching about healing and love.