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Healing Center

Healing Center

Healing is a gift you give yourself. It's a process. A softening of the heart. A time to look within and gain insights. To take responsibility and be more accountable for your health and happiness.

The need for healing can be triggered when an area of your life isn't working, or after a great loss. Whether gradual or sudden, life can wake you up and let you know it's time to look within. To allow your heart to open and to learn to love yourself again.

Wholistic Counseling sessions are three hours long and include Emotional Release Work. You'll learn to take care of yourself and heal your emotions—the wounded part that wants your love and attention. Every step of the way you'll be guided and supported as you reclaim your power, clarity, balance and trust.

Seva Deva Healing Center offers a safe environment to come back to your true self—that loving, joyful being inside, waiting to be free.